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By Gabriela Appel, Hans W. Dechert

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This quantity includes ten papers awarded as plenary lectures at the celebration of the second one global Congress of the overseas Society of utilized Psycholinguistics (ISAPL) on the college of Kassel, Germany, from July 27 — 31, 1987. The articles accrued during this quantity specialize in the creation, comprehension, and acquisition of languages from a number of empirical and theoretical issues of view. This quantity is case-based in that it doesn't declare to hide the total diversity of present-day psycholinguistic enquiry. It makes an attempt, even though, to make a case out of a representational number of psycholinguistic phenomena, which would offer a window on a unified idea of language creation, comprehension, and acquisition. From this angle this quantity goals on the presentation and dialogue of assorted instances which, via analogical reasoning, may well serve to make clear and to unravel new instances.

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The important point, however, is that in comprehending, such aspects are not as important as in understanding class inclusions. This results from the fact that action descriptions are normally used to describe episodes or to refer to facts in the outer world. Therefore, it is more important to construct such a situation than to analyze the features - be it of the concepts or the proposition as a whole. One could argue that understanding sentences that describe actions consists first of constructing propositions, which are then in turn used to construct a situation more resembling an image than a conceptual configuration (see Perrig & Kintsch, 1985).

The appropriate meaning is selected only after the LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION 45 sentence is interpreted by the central processor, which has access to contextual information. These conclusions, however, have been disconfirmed by Glucksberg, Kreuz, and Rho (1986). The cross-modal lexical decision task was shown to be sensitive to backward priming effects. When these effects were eliminated, only the contextually appropriate meaning of the ambiguous word was activated. Such results support an interactive model, since the linguistic processor is not insensitive to contextual information (Glucksberg, 1986).

Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Smith, E. , Shoben, E. , & Rips, L. J. (1974). Structure and process in semantic memory: A featural model for semantic decisions. Psychological Review, 81, 214-241. Tulving, E. (1968). Theoretical issues in free recall. In T. R. Dixon & D. L. ), Verbal behavior and general behavior theory (pp. 2-36). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Tversky, B. (1975). Pictorial encoding of sentences in sentence-picture comparison. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 27, 405-410.

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