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The Shıˆ¤ıˆ festival of Ghadıˆr, 18 Dhuˆ-l-Hijjah, is ˙ celebrated to commemorate what they regard as his appointment as Muham˙ mad’s successor. ) Aligarh A town in Uttar Pradesh, India, associated with the reformist movement of Sayyid Ahmad Khaˆn, who started a ˙ boys’ school around 1871. By 1875, the school was operating on English models, and eventually developed into the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College. The main language of instruction was English, except for Islamic religious subjects. In 1920, the college became Aligarh Muslim University, absorbed a school of medicine, and became the institution that produced many Indian Muslim leaders in the first half of the twentieth century.

21:83–84, 38:40–44) as a person noted for his suffering. PostQur'aˆnic legend greatly expands his story, based partly on the Bible and partly on Jewish legend. He is counted among the prophets in Islamic commentaries. ˆ bids Ayyu Kurdish dynasty in Syria and Egypt that flourished between 546/1169 and 648/ 1250, founded by Salaˆh ad-Dıˆn (532/ ˙ 1138–589/1193). ˙ ˆ d, Abu ˆ m (1888– ˆ al-Kala Aza 1956) Urdu journalist and Islamic reformer who, through his journal, al-Hilaˆl, sought to reform Indian Islamic society.

Askarıˆ (Arabic: army) The term designating the ruling, “military” class in the Ottoman empire. This included the families of the ruling elite, the members of the religious orders and even some Christians who owned land and had feudal association with the sultaˆn. This caste was opposed to the ˙ majority re¤ aˆyaˆ, or “sheep” caste, which had its own religious establishment separate in many respects from the ruling ¤ulamaˆ'. Many of the Suˆfıˆ tarıˆqahs ˙ and other popular movements were found in the re¤ aˆyaˆ but not the ¤ askarıˆ caste.

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