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Be sure your scholars have entry to the authoritative, in-depth and available content material of this sequence for the IB historical past degree. This sequence for the IB heritage degree has taken the readability, accessibility, reliability and in-depth research of our best-selling entry to historical past sequence and tailored it to higher healthy the IB learner's wishes. each one name within the sequence offers intensity of content material, focussed on particular themes within the IB heritage advisor, and exam assistance on assorted exam-style questions - supporting scholars strengthen an excellent wisdom and realizing of the subject along the talents they should do good. - guarantees scholars achieve an excellent knowing of the IB historical past subject via an interesting, in-depth, trustworthy and updated narrative - offered in an obtainable method. - is helping scholars to appreciate old concerns and view the facts, via delivering a wealth of proper assets and research of the historiography surrounding key debates. - provides scholars counsel on answering exam-style questions with version solutions and perform questions

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He was born into a peasant family in 1921 and had come to political prominence between 1949 and 1970, organizing collectivization in Hunan Province and providing Mao with favourable reports on the implementation of the Great Leap Forward there (see page 18). He was appointed to the Politburo in 1973, and in April 1976, he took over Zhou Enlai’s role of State Premier. Mao perhaps hoped that he might be an uncontroversial figure committed to preserving his legacy. He allegedly said to Hua, after the Tiananmen Incident, that ‘with you in charge I am at ease’.

These were called ‘capitalist roaders’ or those who wanted China to follow a capitalist road to development, because the ‘leftists’ felt their emphasis on industrial and technological economic development smacked of capitalism. The ‘rightists,’ most notably Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi, lost out from 1966 to 1976 during the purges of the Cultural Revolution. The campaign against any criticism of Mao was given free rein with the promotion of the radical Red Guards by Jiang Qing and the Gang of Four.

Jiang Qing remained defiant throughout, insisting that during the Cultural Revolution she had simply acted on Mao’s orders. As she was dragged from the courtroom, she shouted an old Cultural Revolution slogan, ‘to rebel is justified’. She was clearly unrepentant. Zhang Chunqiao, too, refused to acknowledge the authority of the court to try him; Yao Wenyuan and Wang Hongwen made confessions. Jiang Qing and Zhang Source B What is the importance of Source B in understanding the PRC after Mao? 26 Jiang Qing, leader of the Gang of Four, fourth wife of Mao Zedong and radical supporter of the Cultural Revolution at her trial, 26 November 1980.

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