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By Arthur B. Shostak

ISBN-10: 0791084027

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ISBN-10: 1438125283

ISBN-13: 9781438125282

Seventeen unique essays in regards to the subsequent ten years in paintings and careers at the family entrance, globalization, overseas coverage, and conflict and peace matters at the in a foreign country entrance.

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4 50 AMERICA: MOVING AHEAD * Medical nanodevices could augment the immune system by finding and disabling unwanted bacteria and viruses. * Medical nanodevices will be able to stimulate and guide the body’s own construction and repair mechanisms to restore healthy tissue. * Viruses can be eliminated by molecular-level cellular surgery. The required devices could be small enough to fit entirely within the cell, if need be. In the United States, funding for nanotechnology has risen from $100 million in 1997 to $400 million in 2002; outside the United States, funding is approximately $1 billion.

And it is a direct challenge to the idea of universal coverage. Whether for ideological reasons (privatization or market forces are represented as more efficient and better able to meet customers’ needs) or for cost reasons (aging of the population, medicalization of illnesses), universal health care, as achieved in advanced OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations, is under serious threat. 46 CARE TO BE A DOCTOR TOMORROW? 47 THE INTERNET REVOLUTION Working in tandem with globalization, indeed, accelerating this process is the dot-com revolution.

Accessed 16 November 2003. html. Accessed 18 December 2003. com. ” Accessed 19 November 2003. html. Accessed 16 November 2003. htm. Accessed 28 October 2003. 9 Ibid. com. Steve Mitchell, “Nanomedicine Vital to Finding a Cancer Cure,” UPI. Accessed 1 November 2003. html. Accessed 16 November 2003. 54 AMERICA: MOVING AHEAD 12 Clement Bezold, “Health Care Faces a Dose of Change,” The Futurist, April 1999, 30–33. org. See World Health Organization, The Global Burden of Disease, 1996. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS+ * How should current resources be invested: Research for the future or treatments for the present?

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