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By Jill Steans, Lloyd Pettiford, Thomas Diez, Imad El-Anis

ISBN-10: 1408204886

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This long-awaited new edition has been totally updated and revised by means of the unique authors in addition to new participants of the writer team. Based on a long time of lively study and instructing it takes the discipline's such a lot tricky elements and makes them obtainable and fascinating.

Each bankruptcy builds up an figuring out of the various methods of the world.  The readability of presentation permits scholars to swiftly improve a theoretical framework and to use this information largely as a manner of realizing either extra complex theoretical texts and occasions in global politics.

Suitable for first and moment 12 months undergraduates learning diplomacy and diplomacy theory.

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However, as we noted above, the practice of world politics cannot be understood outside the various epistemological and ontological claims we make about the world, and these claims are at the heart of IR. Pragmatically, examiners are also looking for the level of sophistication of theoretical arguments and in terms of marks a little well-used theory can go a lot farther than a thousand parroted ‘facts’. Further reading | 21 Further reading We hope that in choosing our introduction you have chosen wisely.

Earlier, we suggested that our efforts in this book are something akin to providing a teach-yourself language book. IR theory (presented herein through the device of theoretical perspectives) ‘matters’ because it provides us with a language, a vocabulary and a set of concepts through which we understand reality and frame our actions and prescriptions in international politics. Having explained the basic theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of IR and described the structure of this text, it is now time to get on with speaking the language of IR.

Democratic peace theory is sometimes held to be the closest IR has come to establishing a ‘law’ of international relations (in the scientific sense). However, it has been much criticised. First, the sample included republics as well as democracies and in some cases 30 per cent male Themes | 33 suffrage was deemed enough to qualify as a ‘democracy’. Doyle also excluded certain types of wars like civil wars. In terms of what statistics can tell us democratic peace theory can also be criticised. Even if we establish the existence of a liberal zone of peace, it may be that: a) the number of liberal states is quite small; and b) at the same time many states that are not democracies are also at peace with one another.

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