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By J. N. Islam

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This ebook offers a concise advent to the mathematical facets of the starting place, constitution and evolution of the universe. The e-book starts with a quick assessment of observational and theoretical cosmology, besides a brief creation of basic relativity. It then is going directly to speak about Friedmann versions, the Hubble consistent and deceleration parameter, singularities, the early universe, inflation, quantum cosmology and the far-off way forward for the universe. This new version incorporates a rigorous derivation of the Robertson-Walker metric. It additionally discusses the boundaries to the parameter house via a variety of theoretical and observational constraints, and provides a brand new inflationary resolution for a 6th measure capability. This ebook is acceptable as a textbook for complex undergraduates and starting graduate scholars. it's going to even be of curiosity to cosmologists, astrophysicists, utilized mathematicians and mathematical physicists.

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107) A one-to-one correspondence can be set up between points on this threedimensional space-like hypersurface and the set of worldlines filling all of 33 Some special topics in general relativity space-time. If the surface fϭ0 is designated by ␰ 0 ϭ0, then the worldlines can be identified by the point ␰ ϭ (␰ 1,␰ 2,␰ 3) on ␰ 0 ϭ0 through which it passes, and the coordinates on a typical such worldline can be written as: z␮(s;␰), with z␮(0;␰)ϭ(0,␰ i ). 108) However, having set up this coordinate system for the worldlines, or the flow of matter, we will simply assume, as mentioned, that the four-velocity vector u␮ is a function of the position (or ‘event’) coordinates x␮.

Integrating the latter equation over a three-dimensional volume V at a definite time x0, we get ΂Ύ V ΃ A0d3x ,0 ϭϪ Ύ ( A ), d x 3 m m V ϭ(Surface integral over ѨV, boundary of V). 73) This relation can be looked upon as the conservation of a fluid whose density (we are here using ‘density’ in the usual sense) is A0 and whose motion is determined by the three-dimensional vector Am(m ϭ1,2,3). 73) shows that Ύ A d xϭconstant. 0 3 This example illustrates the circumstance that when considering volume and surface integrals and conservation laws, it is the tensor density (vector 26 Introduction to general relativity density in this case) A␮ that is more relevant.

In general there is a unique member of this congruence passing through any given point. A particular member of the congruence is sometimes referred to as an orbit. Consider now the vector field given by (␨ 0,␨ 1,␨ 2,␨ 3)ϭ(1,0,0,0). 30) we see that the congruence of this vector field is the set of curves given by (x0 ϭ ␭,x1 ϭconstant, x2 ϭconstant, x3 ϭconstant). 31) This vector field is also referred to as the vector field Ѩ/Ѩx0. One similarly defines the vector fields Ѩ/Ѩx1, Ѩ/Ѩx2, Ѩ/Ѩx3. That is, corresponding to the coordinate system x␮ we have the four contravariant vector fields Ѩ/Ѩx␮.

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