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To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES basically. seems on the tradition and folks of historical India. themes explored contain non secular practices and the jobs of Brahman clergymen in society. This name additionally covers a number of very important eras, together with the Indus Valley civilization and Vedic sessions.

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Only after Sita’s purity has been proven can he rule with his queen by his side, bringing virtue and order to the world. 46 ANCIENT INDIA CA S T o f C H A R AC T E R S Dasharatha (duh-SHUH-ruh-thuh) Mortal father of Rama Ravana (RAH-vuh-nuh) A demon king Brahma (BRAH-muh) Creator of the universe Vishnu (VISH-noo) Preserver of the universe Kausalya (kaw-shuh-lee-AH) First wife of Dasharatha Kaikeyi (kie-kay-YEE) Second wife of Dasharatha Sumitra (suh-mih-TRAH) Third wife of Dasharatha Lakshmana (LUCKSH-muh-nuh) Twin son of Dasharatha and Sumitra Shatrughna (shuh-TROOGH-nuh) Twin brother of Lakshmana Bharata (BUH-ruh-tuh) Son of Dasharatha and Kaikeyi Rama (RAH-muh) Seventh incarnation of Vishnu; son of Dasharatha and Kausalya Janaka (JUH-nuh-kuh) Father of Sita Sita (see-TAH) Wife of Rama; incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi Shiva (SHEE-vuh) God of destruction and creation Shurpanakha (shoor-puh-nuh-KHAH) Sister of Ravana Hanuman (huh-NOO-mun) God of the monkeys Vayu (vuh-YOO) God of the wind Agni (ah-GNEE) God of fire Lakshmi (lucksh-MEE) Wife of Vishnu; goddess of good fortune The Ramayana 47 The Birth of Rama I N DAYS OF OLD, King Dasharatha dwelled in a snow white palace in the fabled city of Ayodhya.

With those words the goddess leaped up and pinned the demon’s throat beneath her foot. Crushed and strangled, Mahisha tried to change shape again. He only made it halfway out of the buffalo’s mouth. As he struggled to escape, Durga cut off his head with her sword. Thus a woman slaughtered the buffalo demon who had terrorized the entire universe. With the fall of Mahisha, order was restored to the world. Rejoicing, the gods returned to their rightful place in heaven. There they sang hymns of praise to Durga, as bands of heavenly nymphs danced all around them.

She had eighteen arms, made for holding many weapons. She rode on the back of a fearless golden lion. When the gods saw the glorious goddess, the sorrow in their hearts gave way to rejoicDurga’s hands could hold a multitude of weapons, including her deadly three-pronged trident. ing. Bowing low, they offered her all their weapons. They dressed her in impenetrable armor and crowned her with precious jewels. Then Durga rode off on her lion to slay the buffalo demon. Swiftly the lion bounded up to the entranceway of heaven.

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